Shooting with the Replica Charleville Musket

The Charleville Musket replica is not unlike the muskets that were given to the USA by France for use in the revolution.


This model has to be primed and loaded with a paper cartridge designed to be fired at attacking troops, however this did have the disadvantage of being somewhat inaccurate. Paper cartridges would still have been effective at close range and up to a distance of approximately forty yards away.

Advice for Hiring a Car Valeting Service

If you are a very busy person with no time to spare and you are fond of your car, then you may want to consider hiring a mobile car valeting service.

Valeting is important as it helps to keep your vehicle in good condition and adds to the resale value when you eventually want to sell it. Maintaining your vehicle in good condition also reflects well on the owner as it implies that you have high standards and like to keep everything in order.

When searching for a valeting service, either by typing queries into a search engine, or by asking for recommendations from friends and family, it’s worth looking around for a car valeting company with a good reputation at a competitive price.

A reputable valeter will offer a range of different services from a basic wash and wax all the way up to a full valet with machine polishing and clay bar treatment. The price range for these can be from £10 up to more than £100 in some cases. You should always therefore contact the valeter beforehand to enquire about how much their service will cost for your particular vehicle model.

If you are going to be using the car valeting service on a regular basis, which is recommended, you will need to look for the best price, however do not be tempted to opt for the cheapest at the expense of reliability or quality of work.

For some cars it’s possible to return them to showroom condition by choosing a more expensive option like a full valet with interior vacuuming. Often these higher end services include things such as tyre dressing, engine bay cleaning and polishing and fogging inside the car to neutralize odours from dogs and tobacco.

Another reason some people hire a valeting service is to prepare a car for return to a car hire company or to make the vehicle suitable for sale. These jobs tend to be one offs for the valeting company and usually involve just a basic wash an wax with aqua vac.


Fallout 4 Presentation at E3!

This the presentation given by the developers at E3 for the new fallout 4 game that has just recently launched. Having played both Fallout 3 and New Vegas, I very much looking forward to this game and can’t wait to see what is new.
From the content released so far, it looks as if the graphics this time around will be much more colourful and vibrant compared to the first game and obviously the graphics will be a step up compared to the PS3, although there have been some comments that they are still a little ropey for a next gen console.


Modern Kitchen Designs

harrogate-builders-kitchen-picAre you looking forward to design your new kitchen? If yes, this article provides you with great home improvement ideas on how top choose a design that will not make your kitchen look unique, but add value to your home in case you plan to resell it in the future. A well designed kitchen makes it good not only for preparing food, but also for spending some free time. Here are some of the tips for choosing a design for your new kitchen for your home improvement.

When you are thinking about the design of your new kitchen, decide on the best layout and find then some builders in Harrogate, for example Roma Construction. Make informed decisions on which elements you want to be close to each other, how you will be using the kitchen, for instance, if you will be using it for dinner parties it should be large enough to accommodate many people. It is also important to consider the gadgets you want your kitchen to accommodate. You should also look at the constraints of your kitchen, for example, the size, and the door positions of the windows and doors. This will help ensure that the design you choose meets the day to day needs of your kitchen.

Your kitchen should not be dull. It ought to be painted with bright colors that will create a joyful mood. For example, cream or white are perfect colors for your kitchen. Make sure you use latex or oil based paint. Ensure you blend colors that match to avoid making your kitchen looking odd. You can do this by yourself, or if you do not know how to do it effectively, you can hire a professional in Harrogate to paint your kitchen more professionally.

If you are a landlord in the UK, you have alegal obligation to have a landlord safety check carried out by a qualified heating engineer every 12 months on all gas appliences and flues in the property that you let to tenants. A record must be kept of these checks and provided to the tenant upon completion.